Make a table reservation to our scenic restaurant or rent a meeting room for private dining. Choose the perfect menu that best suits your event from our chef’s menu options. Our menu options include buffet and plated dinners. We can also give you wine recommendations to the meals you choose.



  • Fresh mixed salad, roasted cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds, marinated red onions and house made bread
  • Chicken breast, creamed carrots, fried pineapple, coriander and cherry sauce with anise
  • Coffee tea, chocolate

Menu Bridge

  • Creamy horn chantarelle soup
  • Salmon, fried with pumpkin seeds, beetroot barley, vegetables
    and rosemary mayonnaise
    Slow roasted pork roast and stewed red cabbage and onions
    served with potatoes with peels and balsamic sauce
  • Chocolate in five ways; chocolate cake, dark chocolate oil,
    cocoa meringue and roasted white chocolate

Menu Alba

  • Blinis with white fish in tree ways served with onion and
    black pepper
  • Beef tenderloin (180 g) in pepper sauce, root vegetables and
    jacket potato with rosemary crème
  • Baked ricotta flan, marinated plums and basil sorbet


Buffet Salad

  • Salad salmon and pesto sauce
  • Salad with chicken and sesame
  • Mozzarella and pasta salad with basil seasoning
  • Fresh green salad, herb oil
  • House white and dark bread
  • Lemon cake, melon with citrus seasoning and sparkling wine sabayon
    24,50e / person
    for main course, we recommend:
  • Turkey steaks in honey sauce, sweet potatoes and vegetables with thyme seasoning, cost 10e / person

Buffet SAUNA

  • Potato salad with blue cheese and apple
  • Salad of sun dried tomatoes and olives
  • Vegetables with garlic and fresh herb seasoning
  • Marinated red onions
  • Pickles

Main course

  • Seasoned sausages
  • Chicken skewers
  • Cheese and vegetable hash
  • Curry mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup
  • Rolls


  • Chocolate mousse
    26,00e / person

Buffet Moon

  • Fresh season’s potatosalad
  • Halloumi cheese salad, strawberries and balsamic vinegar sauce
  • Vegetables with fresh herb seasoning
  • Baked tomatoes
  • House dark and white bread

Main course

  • Gently smoked salmon
  • Groun mutton balls
  • Tsatziki sauce and vegetable stew


  • Apple pie with peach a la Alba, served with almond mousse


  • Summery herring and season’s potatoes
  • Cold smoked salmon , crisp bread with rosemary seasoning, rosemary creme
  • Chorizo sausages, olives and marinated tomatoes
  • Goat cheese, raspberries and red wine and raspberry syrup
  • Beetroot with honey seasoning, root crips and nuts
  • Salad with chicken and sesame seeds
  • Melon with citrus seasoning
  • Mozzarella pasta salad with basil seasoning
  • Green salad, herb oil
  • House dark and white bread

Main Course

  • Pike perch in crayfish sauce
  • Roasted beef steak and red wine sauce
  • wheat and vegetables


  • Yoghurt jello, berries marinated with vanilla and star anise and chocolate brownie

Buffet SUN

  • Cold smoked pike perch, chives creme and malt bread
  • Chili salmon, strawberries and sweet chili sauce
  • Pesto beef steak and tomatoes
  • Terrine of asparagus and parmesan, carrots and pine seed and tarragon sauce
  • Chicken salad with orange and fennel seasoning
  • Potato salad with apple and blue cheese
  • Yellow cauliflower salad
  • Cucumber with cucumber seasoning
  • Fresh green salad, herb oil
  • House dark and white bread

Main Course

  • Overriped, caramelized pork steak and yoghurt sauce with coriander
  • Parmesan risotto and vegetable stew


  • Vanilla mousse cake, fresh berries and macaron pastries,
    passion fruit and pomegranate sauce.

In addition coffee and tea servings 2e / person. For buffets, groups only minimum of 20 persons.

Please contact us for more info and also for custom made alternatives!