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Alba’s COVID-19 info

Dear guest,

We find it very important that our guests’ visits and staff’s health is secured.
Please note the measures and guidelines which will help you and us to make your stay safe and comfortable.

Individual rooming
Co-workers, who travel for business we recommend reserving separate rooms with flexible cancellation rules. Rooms are cleaned with increased effort paying attention especially to mostly used surfaces and door handles.

Hygiene as priority
Our public areas are equipped with hand disinfectants and we urge customers to wash hands when entering the hotel and restaurant. All the restrooms have hand wash areas with soap and paper towels available.

Safely at the restaurant
All our customers are served seated. Tables at the restaurant are placed with safe distance to another. For buffet servings complimentary gloves and hand disinfectants are available. Buffet’s kitchen ware is replaced to new ones regularly. Public areas are cleaned with increased effort paying attention especially to restrooms, tables, door handles and other most used surfaces.

Notifications are for safety
Stickers and signs are placed to remind safe distancing and correct manners when coughing. We urge not use cash. Our staff is trained with the instructions by the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare and we look after that the instructions are followed as agreed. Regular hand washing, use of disinfectants, masks and gloves belong to our daily routines.

For your safety and ours

Do not enter if you have symptoms of flu or you believe being exposed to corona virus
Please note: we do not accommodate persons in mandatory or free will quarantine.

See you soon, safe and sound at Finlandia Hotel Alba

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