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Environmental policy

Environmental issues are important to us.

Hotelli Alba is located by the beautiful lake Jyväsjärvi. Nature is important to us and our environmental policy’s aim is to raise knowledge in our customers, cooperators and staff awareness of environmental issues.  We wish to achieve the healthy environmentaly healty goals in our daily work.

In hotel business the biggest nature effecting issues are:

  • Energy use
  • Waste management
  • Water use
  • Food loss

We are taking actions to cut down all these issues with monitoring and setting goals.

Our environmental chief in command is our CEO Katri Paakkari and the departments’ foremen as ambassadors:

Head chef Mari Moilanen, restaurant manager Saija Halomo and reception manager Tommi Sievinen.
In addition the staff is trained to operate within the agreed guidelines.

This  page will be updated with our actions to take some of the burden of our environment and and we are happy share the info too. 

* 1.4.2021 We received  Green Key certificate  We find it awesome to be producing travel services with sustainable development manor.
* 3.3.2022 We applied the continuation for the certificate – it’s looking good!!

Read more in Green Key International

* Info letter for customers ( updated 24.3. 2022 )
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