Restaurant opening hours:

Mon-Thu 11:00-24:00
Fri-Sat 11:00-01:00
Sun 11-22,

Kitchen opening hours:

Mon-Fri 11:00-22:00
Sat 11:00-22:00
Sun 12:00-21:00

Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:00-14:00
Wide variety of different options
Lunch buffet Mon-Fri €16,50

À la carte: 
Mon-Fri 14:00-22:00
Sat 11:00-22:00
Sun 12:00-21:00


Sumptious and versatile breakfast is included in the room price
Mon-Sat 06:30-10.00
Sun 07:30-11:00

By request: We would love to tailor different menus including drinks for you according to your wishes.

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