Make a table reservation to our scenic restaurant or rent a meeting room for private dining. Choose the perfect menu that best suits your event from our chef’s menu options. Our menu options include buffet and plated dinners. We can also give you wine recommendations to the meals you choose.



Fresh mixed salad, roasted cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds, herb oil and marinated red onion, house bread
Fried vendace, mashed potatoes with dill and root vegetables
Roasted chicken fillet, parmesan risotto, house raisins and thyme flavoured Portobello
Coffee, tea and chocolate


Blue cheese and apple soup with crostini and dried apple chips
Charbroiled salmon, smoked parsnip pyre, vegetables with thyme and bacon sauce
Pork rib and rustic sausages, marinated cabbage, potatoes and dark Hiisi-beer sauce
Rooibos-forest berry tiramisu and meringue 



Lightly salted white fish with ginger flavor, red grapefruit gel, malt, gin marinated blueberries and cornflower
Mildly fried trout, potato purée, perch and scallop terrine, vegetables and crayfish foam
Beef steak in smoky pepper sauce with fried celery and beet root served with rustic potatoes. Beef tenderloin (180 g)
Warm chocolate cake, pistachio ice cream, semidried grapes and nut tuille




Buffet SALAD

  • Salmon and aioli salad
  • Chicken and pear salad
  • Mozzarella and tomato salad with basil
  • Marinated red onion
  • Fresh green salad and herb oil
  • House dark and white bread
  • Fruits marinated with vanilla and star anise, oat cookies and vanilla mousse
    24,50e / person 

    For warm main course we recommend:
    Chicken breas in tomato sauce, baked potatoes and honey vegetables
    +10e/ person

 Buffet SAUNA

  • Potato salad with apple and blue cheese
  • Pasta and salami salad
  • Red cabbage salad
  • Marinated red onion
  • Pickles
  • Spicy sausages
  • Chicken skewers
  • Vegetable casserole with cheese
  • Curry mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup
  • Rolls
  • Apple crust and vanilla sauce
    26e / person

Buffet Earth 

  • Potato salad with apple and blue cheese
  • Mushroom salad with smoked mutton
  • Yellow cauliflower salad
  • Red cabbage salad
  • Tomatoes marinated raspberry
  • Fresh vegetable salad, herb oil
  • House white and dark bread
  • Baked salmon with black berry leaf and orange flavor
  • Beef stew with lots of smetana
  • Season’s potatoes and vegetable stew
  • Rhubarb pie a la Alba with merengue  and fudge sauce
    29,50e /person

Buffet Lake 

  • Rolled fillets of Baltic herring
  • Smoked vendace
  • Roach terrine
  • Crab pannacotta
  • Marinated potatoes petit
  • Salad with smoked cheese and malt bread
  • Apple and celery salad
  • Cucumber with dill seasoning
  • Tomatoes with raspberry vinaigrette marinade
  • Fresh green salad, herb oil
  • Bread assortment, butter
  • Lake fish and fennel stew
  • Overripe pork roast in dark thyme sauce
  • Baked potatoes and root vegetables
  • Yoghurt jelly and marinated forest berries and honey roasted peanuts
    36,50e / person


  • Herring and new season’s potatoes
  • Gravlax with dill seasoning
  • Smoked roach terrine and yoghurt sauce
  • Goat cheese pie and beetroot syrup
  • West coast salad
  • Chicken salad with aioli
  • Potato salad with blue cheese
  • Yellow cauliflower salad
  • Fresh green salad with with strawberries and fresh herbs
  • House dark and white bread
  • Beef cutlets in pepper sauce
    Smoked whitefish
    Garlic potatoes and season’s vegetables
  • Fresh cheese cake with mango, strawberries and mint sauce

In addition to all the menus, coffee / tea serving +2e / person
Buffet’s minimum number 20 persons.

Contact us for more info or your own personal suggestions!