Arvoisa asiakkaamme,
Aloitamme asiakassaunamme remontin 26.2. ja valmista tulisi olla pääsiäiseen mennessä.
Sauna, suihkut ja pukuhuone saavat aivan uuden ilmeen.
Huomioithan että tällä välin meillä ei ole asiakassaunoja saatavilla.

Enjoy season’s delicious flavors with breathtaking sight over the charming Lake Jyväsjärvi

Our delightful À La Carte menu is packed with mouthwatering seasonal flavours and delicious treats prepared with only the best quality ingredients.

À La Carte Menu

À la carte available from Monday to Friday 14-22

Saturdays 13-22

On winter Sundays our kitchen is closed

Casual and tasty

  • Reindeer pasta

    Fresh pasta, smoked reindeer sauce, parsley, rucola, free range egg yolk and parmesan cheese


  • Classic Club Sandwich, gluten free option available

    Chicken fillet on a house seed bread toast with bacon, local cheddar cheese, salad, marinated red onion, tomato and chili mayonnaise


  • Burger, gluten free option available

    Beef burger patty 150g, blue cheese sauce, pineapple, lettuce, tomato and onion in a potato brioche roll from a local bakery with country-style french fries


  • Chicken salad

    Chicken fillet, mango & avocado salsa, corn chips, crème fraîche sauce with crunchy iceberg lettuce and herb salad


  • Goat cheese salad

    Grilled goat cheese and local honey, marinated grapes and red onion, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, crunchy iceberg lettuce and herb salad with balsamic syrup


M = dairy free, L = lactose free, VL = low lactose, G = gluten free, VEG = vegan, FI = finnish meat

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